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Verified Goldah Coupon, Goldah Promo Code, Discount Codes offers MMORPG services for over 60+ online games ranging from World of Warcraft to FIFA 2016. They offer in game currency, strategy guides, items, and power leveling services for the vast majority of their titles. The website has been around since 2003 and is managed by G4P Limited. While G4P Limited is based out of China, they operate in China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. G4P Limited has a 24/7 live chat as well as various various social network pages, include a Skype for customer support. They accept 20 different global currencies and allow payment through 100 different payment channels (PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, etc).

The website's ranking peaked in April of 2015, then dropped to its current global ranking of 183,246. They have many 5 star reviews on various third party goldfarming review websites. They have a large following on their social media pages, with over 90,000 likes on facebook alone.


It sells virtual currencies for nearly 50 games, which is a larger selection than what you would normally see in other sites. Fans of online games and sports titles should be able to purchase their virtual gold and items from this website. For those that want to boost their accounts and characters, power leveling services are available as well, mostly for the top-tier mmorpg games running right now.

Price Prices are quite on the higher range, but not the most expensive out there. Still, the budget-conscious gamer might wince at having to shell out several more dollars per order, and the more expensive rate begins to hurt the wallet with bulkier transactions or repeated purchases. The site does offer discounts such as a 3% off code for liking the site on Facebook, but nothing too large that the other sites cannot match with their own loyalty discounts or bonus promos.

Shopping and Payment

One frustration with is that its shopping experience is not as user-friendly and polished. For example, when buying World of Warcraft gold, players will see a randomly arranged list of servers. This forces you to search for your server using either the CTRL+F function or manually perusing the jumbled list. But the site tries to make it up to you by providing support to more than 100 payment channels, including most of the major credit cards.

Speed has a respectable delivery Speed of less than an hour for most orders on the popular games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14 and FIFA, but there is an understandably slower fulfillment for other games in its service roster. Still, waiting past a day is more of a fluke than a frequent occurrence.

Customer Service primary Customer Service channel is through its live chat. Agents tend to answer only when asked, and do not seem really eager to solve your problem. This can be seen as a bane or boon: It�s a bane for first-time customers that want more detailed answers to their ordering questions and deliver concerns, but a boon for customers that do not want aggressive agents that also try to upsell them or lock down their purchase after satisfying their query.